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Friday, November 28, 2014

Boots: Bershka

I`m officially back! This month I was thinking of quitting blogging, mostly because of the other priorities. Few things annoyed me as well. First, begging people to take photos, then feeling of embarrassment when people stare at you while you take photos, and cold/bad weather. I believe any fashion blogger would feel with me right now. But on the other side, there are much more positive things. For example, the final result makes me feel more confident. I tend to criticize myself probably more then the average woman, and because of it my confidence can sometimes get pretty low. I assume I have high criteria, since I look up to Victoria Secret models when it comes to the body image. But all of it makes me push myself more, and lately I have been working out almost daily to get closest as possible to my own Victoria Secret body. I could say that now I`m not yet there, but if I keep going like this, I may show you results before then I thought. That`s one of the main reasons why I opened a fitness section. If I manage to transform my body in a healthy/fit way, I assume many of you would like to know how I did it. 
That`s all from me ladies! Have a great weekend!xx

See you soon <3

Accessories Wishlist

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

From left to right: 1. Red bag(click HERE), 2. Black shoes (click HERE), 3. Necklace (click HERE), 4. Beige scarf (click HERE), 5. White boots (click HERE), 6. Red/Golden ring (click HERE), 7. Black bag (click HERE), 8. Yellow scarf (click HERE), 9. Pink earings (click HERE), 10. Beige bag (click HERE)

Hi girls <3 I guess you probably heard about It`s a great online shop with many fashionable clothing pieces. I believe everyone can find something they like, so if you got some time, make sure to check them out. As you can see, I made one wishlist with my favorite accessories from their site. If you want to see more check it HERE(click). I think they can be combined in many various ways, and I would definitely want to own all of them! So here`s my usual question, which one is your favorite? :)

See you soon! xx

Red jacket

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jacket: Tidebuy (click HERE), Top:H&M, Boots: Bershka, Pants: C&A

Hi girls! I know I  have been absent for awhile, but now I`m ready to go back on track. I needed some time away from computer and all social networks, to make sure I fully enjoyed my first few weeks in Holland. Yesterday I turned 25, and oh boy, I feel old! That just made me think about my life, what I went trough, and how I finally got in touch with my old self. Whole journey was incredible and I feel like I closed my first chapter- being a child and a young woman. Now it`s the time for the second one, and I`m pretty excited to see what lies ahead. 

PS. If you like this jacket, you can buy it on by clicking HERE. I would highly recommend it! xx

See you soon! <3