New hair color!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top: from V&D (forgot the name of brand :P), Jeans: Pull&Bear, Bag: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann

Hi girls <3 Finally I got some courage to change my hair color. At first I thought it would be a subtle change, but it turned out completely different. The dye I bought (you can see it in the previous post)was pure bleach, and I was really lucky that it didn`t damage my hair as I thought it would. I have already bleached my hair 5-6 months ago, and if you followed my blog, you know it didn`t turn out so well. It came out orange, and my hair started to fall off rapidly. I think I lost 1/3 of my hair within 2 months, and it was really really scary. Luckily I didn`t have such a bad reaction on this dye, so I would highly recommend it instead of the regular bleach. Not only it doesn`t damage your hair as much as bleach, it also makes your hair lighter up to 7-8 shades(seriously!). The only problem is your natural pigments or yellowish/orangish hair you had before dying. Unfortunately I`m one of those people, and I did turn out a bit yellowish, so I had to use purple shampoo from the previous post. If you use it by the instruction, trust me nothing will change, but if you put it on your dry hair and leave it in for 40 mins, it might slightly neutralize your yellowness. Even so, I`m not fully happy with the result. Now I`m looking for "Manic Panic" purple dye to make my own toner, and hopefully finally get the shade I want. If someone knows where I can get it in Holland, please let me know! xx

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New Goodies!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lipsticks & Lipgloss: Hema

Hi lovelies <3 I had a really fun day today, and as usual, I had to buy some things! Easter is right around the corner, so buying 40cm chocolate rabbit was a perfect excuse for me to act a bit foolish. I`m a big fan of holidays in general, and each one of them makes me extremely happy. 
As you can see on the first photo, I`m about to change my hair color. At first I thought of getting some highlights and lowlights, but when I saw that hair dye, I instantly went for it. Even so, I think I`ll put some lowlights and soft dark roots eventually to add some dimension to it. Purple shampoo is there to help me achieve the platinum blonde look I want. My only concern is that I might turn lilac, but even if I do that could turn quite interesting. :') Wish me luck! xx

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Necklace: Born Pretty Store (click HERE, and use LARADC10 coupon for 10% off), Shirt,Shoes,Bag: H&M, Pants: C&A

Lately when I`m dressing up, the most important thing to me is to feel comfortable. Since I walk a lot, I usually go after flats and simple warm clothing pieces just in case if it gets cold. My outfits are mostly simple looking, but I make sure to put a few accessories to spice it up. I don`t know why, but lately I tend to complicate less with everything, including my dressing. I assume it`s seeable with my preview outfit posts.
This beautiful necklace is from Born Pretty Store (click HERE), and If you are interested in buying one, make sure you use LARADC10 coupon for 10% off! Have a lovely weekend! xx

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Spring spring

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Necklace: Bornprettystore (click HERE to buy-use 10% off code LARADC10), Top: Primark, Jeans:H&M, Shoes: Zara

Whenever I enjoy myself fully, time strangely passes waaaay too fast. It`s really hard to resist being outside, when the temperature is around 25 degrees (especially in Holland at this time of year). I assume if I were at home more often, the time wouldn`t pass so fast. On the other side, I wish I could have brought my camera everywhere I went, and capture all the fun moments I had. I also changed pretty often, so I would have over 10 new outfit posts. Sadly my lack of XL bags made me leave my camera at home.
This lovely necklace is from, and you can get it by clicking HERE. Make sure you use  LARADC10 coupon for 10% off! Enjoy shopping ladies <3

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