Trench Coat

Friday, September 27, 2013

Trench coat: CNDirect(click HERE), Shirt: New Look, Jeans: present(bought in Holland), Bag: New Yorker, Shoes: Zara

Autumn can be quite confusing. Sometimes it gets very hot, and sometimes you can feel the cold wind on your cheeks. I believe this outfit is the perfect compromise between those two.Whenever I`m cold, I just put my trench coat on, and enjoy my time without worrying if it will rain or not. If you didn`t get one so far, make sure you do so, it`s a must have for spring and autumn. This lovely trench coat is from CNDirect(click HERE), and I`m so glad I got it, it fits my clothes perfectly. What do you think about it? Have a great weekend! xx

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Chicy Vest

Sunday, September 22, 2013

And from failed photoshoot..
Vest: Chicy (click HERE), Top & Shorts: No brand, Boots: C&A, Bag: New Yorker, Necklace: Vintage(extremely old)

This outfit was a tricky one. Not only did I have to take pics twice, but I forgot my black pants at cousins place, so I had to change my whole concept. I went for a softer version, with brownish tones and simple black pieces. Somehow this outfit turned out to be one of my favorite, and honestly I don't know which version I prefer more. If you are in love with this vest as much as I am, you can order it from this amazing Swedish company (click HERE). Have a great weekend! xx

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top: H&M, Coat: No brand, Jeggings: present(bought in Holland), Boots: C&A, Scarf: No brand.

Hi girls <3 Before I say something about this outfit post, here`s a mini update: I`ve passed an exam, and I`m looking forward for another one, also I`m going to dye my hair blonde this weekend, so I`m super super excited! Ombre became so "passé" (for me), especially cuz I`m seeing every second girl on the street trying to pull out this "trend". I really hate when something like this happens, and I`ll never understand people who are desperately trying to fit in the mass.
This outfit was inspired by the autumn. I wanted to mix earth tones with stripped top and simple black jeggings. I`m absolutely in love with these boots from C&A! I got them on sale in Holland, and they are Amazing! Now that I mentioned sales, I really wish to go bk, and shop as long as I can stand :D I sooo need that! xx

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Fall Fashion

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Every woman needs a good coat. That`s something you shouldn`t regret giving a lot of money for. It lasts for years (if its high quality), and it makes every outfit look special. I have to admit, these days I`m absolutely obsessed with different shapes and textures. Most of the people find autumn/winter boring, but if you have tons of good coats, you`ll look at it from a whole new perspective. All of these coats are from, and I really wish to own every single one of them! Which one is your favorite?
Whenever I`m buying tops, I`m trying to find unique prints, colors or shapes. It`s much easier to combine outfits, when you match them with simple bottoms and some good shoes. These tops, could look great with some coats from the above (for example: shirt 6 with coat 6, shirt 3 with coat 10, shirt 4 with coat 3...).  All of these tops are from, and they got an amazing collection of urban street style clothes. Make sure to check their bottoms(click HERE), also I`m in love with a few stuff from there. And again the same question, which one is your favorite? Also how would you combine these Tops and Coats from the above? xx

PS. I`m super busy with my exams, so I`ll take some pics next week <3 Sorry & wish me luck! xx

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Summer Best Of

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer recap <3 Which one is your favorite? xx

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