White Gray Stripes

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shirt: Lilly, Skirt: Vintage, Boots: H&M, Necklace: DIY
Hi girls <3 Yesterday it was such a lovely weather, so I decided to take new pics. I`m not sure if you`ve noticed how much weight I lost, but I think it`s finally seeable in this post. Two months ago I started working out(not regularly) and eating properly, and now I can say that I`m almost satisfied with the way my body looks. I need to lose just a bit more weight, and then I`ll be finally happy. I think its very important how you feel about yourself, it truly comes from the inside, and then from the outside. It takes a lot of dedication to push yourself to do something for your own sake, but when you finally succeed it, the feeling of accomplishment overwhelm you to the point that you feel like a shining star. My advice to everyone who has problem with weight or school, or anything else, is to never give up. Make sure to push yourself until you make it. xx
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Oasap GIVEAWAY (from 24th may-2nd june)

Friday, May 24, 2013

1.Fashion sleveless chiffon dress with asymmetric hem 2.Candy color skater skirt 3.Sleeveless round neck crocheted lace vest 4.Sweet floppy hat with floral embellishment 5.Shining galaxy print leggings 6. Elegant mini skirt with chiffon overlay 7. Cute pink panther print short sleeve t-shirt 8. Effiel tower print short sleeve t-shirt

Hi girls! For my first giveaway I wanted something special, something that would make all of you happy.I
had a few offers before, but I rejected them, because those items represented only one type of style. Oasap finally made my wishes come true, and I believe everyone can find something they want in this giveaway!
The giveaway will be open for the next 10 days, and afterwards I will send an e-mail to the winner. Please make sure to reply as soon as possible(max up to 3 days), or otherwise I`ll be forced to declare another winner.The name of the winner will be shown in my blog post the day after the giveaway ends.

The requirements for the participants:
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Good Luck!! :)

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Giveaway ce trajati narednih 10 dana ( 2.juna), i sledeceg dana cu proglasiti pobednicu koja ce biti kontaktirana putem mail-a. 
Srecno!! :)
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Never Seen Before

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi lovelies <3 I wanted to share the pictures you have never seen before. Some of them are from my preview outfit posts, and the rest were taken randomly. Since I have a lot of photos, I might make second part of this post somewhere in the future. What do you think? Did some of them "deserve" to be in my outfit posts?

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Online Shopping/ PersunMall Wishlist

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hi girls <3 I guess you probably heard about It`s a great online shop with many fashionable clothing pieces. I believe everyone can find something they like, so if you got some time, make sure to check them out. As you can see, I made one wishlist with my favorite dresses from their site. I think they can be combined in many various ways, and I would definitely want to own all of them! So here`s my usual question, which one is your favorite? :)

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Feeling like Hawaii

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Skirt: Vintage/ Top: Only/ Shoes: Zara/ Necklace: old gift from my grandma/

Hi girls <3 Yesterday I had such a great time with my dear cousin. We shopped, enjoyed our time, and then we went out to take some photos. Unfortunately, weather turned out to be pretty cloudy so we had to be really quick. I`m apologizing for little blurriness, but I think photos aren't that bad.
This outfit reminds me on sea, and I don`t know why but especially on Hawaii. Maybe you`ve noticed that on some pictures my background appears kinda tropical, so it seems I`ve created a small optical illusion. Even my necklace assembles Hawaiian leis, so I guess this look is ideal for some seaside coast. What do you think about this outfit? And where are you planning to go this summer? xx

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It`s all about the little things

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photography was always one of my greatest passions. I have to admit I was more into modeling pictures, but somehow with time, I developed love for everything that surrounds me. I think natural photography is the most inspirational, because there`s so many faces to it. Even if you decide to take a picture early in a day, latter on, it will look completely different under the softer lights. Same goes with painting. My favorite artists are impressionists and I am so jealous of their skills. Sometimes I wish to go back in the past, where there weren`t any computers, tv-s, and paint all day long on some lovely location with people who share the same passion with me. It would be really interesting to see how far I would come, if I dedicated my entire life to art. xx

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Let It Sway

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jeans: Pull & Bear, Top: No brand, Blazer: H&M, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann
Most of my friends know how much I love pastel colors, especially light pink. It`s definitely one of my favorites, but I can`t say I could wear it every day. It does get boring, and it`s much more fun when I mix it with other colors. That`s the exact reason why I adore this top. It`s a really great piece for the summer, and you can combine it in many different ways. The only problem is that it can make you look wider, and some people even thought I was pregnant?? Yes that`s right, so if you care about those comments(I don`t), watch out for these types of shapes. Have a fun week <3 xx

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