Look Of The Day

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dress: New Look, Shoes: Novecento, Bag: D&G

Sorry for such a late post, I`m leaving Holland in a week, so I`m trying to use the time I have left in the best way. I`m pretty sad to be returning to Belgrade, but on the other side, I`m very happy to see my family and friends who I missed so much. Also my exams are coming near, so I`m trying to study as much as possible without any distractions. 
This dress is probably the one that I wouldn`t normaly try in the shops, but I somehow did, and I loved it. It is amazing how well it fits, and it makes you look like a real lady, and that`s definitely the look I wanted to achieve. I thought of lifting my hair, but I figured it looks too business-like. I guess wavy moussed hair makes it more casual and wearable. Oh yes, have you noticed, lately I`m not wearing my extensions at all? Do you like my hair more with or without them? Have a great weekend!

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New Look Findings

Monday, December 24, 2012

Clothes: New Look 

Yesterday I went to the center, and I bought these amazing stuff. Discounts are absolutely everywhere, so of course I couldn`t resist not to buy some clothes. I love how this dress fits me and I will be making another outfit posts soon :) Have a fun week <3

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Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara

Fashion Photographers/ Camilla Akrans

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Instead of a regular fashion inspiration, from this day on, I decided to start writing about fashion photographers and designers who inspire me. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not one of those people who is dedicated to fashion so much that it becomes part of their life, I`m more of a person who enjoys the random search through the internet, and accidentally stumbles upon something that inspires me a lot. That`s how I find out most of the stuff about fashion topics, but I usually ignore most of it, and focus only on those that brings me joy at that moment. This time I want to introduce you to the photographer Camilla Akrans and her astonishing work. Even trough she lives in Stockholm/Sweden, her work base is mainly in Paris and New York. Her photograph`s are full of life, and they show the beauty of her subjects in a special way. She has a deep understanding of what`s sexy, and measured, and she does it on her own way. Her campaigns and editorials include Missoni, Hermes, Eres, Levi`s, H&M, Max Mara, Harpers Bazaar, New York Times, Vouge, and etc..

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Touch Of Gold

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jacket: Bershka, Dress: made by my grandma(very old), Leggings: No brand, Boots: Studio In, Necklace:Gift

You already know how much I love vintage stuff, but this dress has a special place in my heart. It was made by my grandma with some exceptional thread, and it took her a lot of time to finish it. I believe it is around 40-50 years old, because my mom used to wear it when she was still a child. I`m very proud of the woman in my family, they always worked extremely hard to achieve what they wanted, and on top of that they had a few extraodionary talents. I hope I`ll turn out like one of them, someday.

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