New, New, New !

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just bought them, and I simply luuuuvv them <3<3<3

Belgrade boutique: Studio In (kupljeno u butiku na Bulevaru)

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Leggings Fashion

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello girls <3 I got sick, so you`ll have to wait a few days for the new outfit post. In the meantime I`ll write about some fashionable themes that are currently inspiring me. First on the list are leggings! I`m not sure why, but for several seasons in Europe and America leggings have been represented in simple colors and shapes.In Asia that wasn`t the case. They experimented with forms, colors, and they definitely brought this clothing piece to another level (if you are interested in how they look like, check out the Tokyo Fashion facebook page HERE). The streets of Japan, Korea, China are filled with this new "must have", and I hope it will transfer to Europe with time. These photos shows how differently they can be combined depending on the style. You can wear them with baggy shirts, long sweaters, tops and they will look amazing in every outfit. Feel free to test them out, I certainly will. 

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Bordeaux Skirt

Monday, October 22, 2012

It`s really strange how warm it is here in october. Almost every day the temperature is over 20 degrees, so my outfit looks more like it was made this summer and not autumn. I hope I`ll have the same weather for my bday and that I`ll be able to spend it outside, somewhere in the nature. 
I have already expressed my obsession for oxblood color (click HERE), and this skirt was one of those things I really "needed" to have. I found it in a chinese shop, while walking with friends and I just had to buy it. Sometimes  you can run into amazing stuff in the most unexpected places, and I should definitely do that more often! As I said before, it`s not all about brands. 

Top: Terranova
Cardigan: Vintage
Bag: Gift
Skirt: Chinese shop

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Quick Update!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sorry for being so late with my outfit post, I was really busy these days. What`s important is I`ve finished a few major things, so now all that`s left is to enjoy myself and be creative. I have so many interesting ideas in my head, so I really can`t wait to realize them! 
The second thing I wanted to share with you, is that I`ll go to Holland soon and I`ll be staying there for 2 months. I`m soo happy, and I couldn`t be more excited! :) Now I really don`t know what to pack, cuz I should think in october what I might be wearing for New Year`s Eve, and my biggest worry at the moment is how not to break the 30kg baggage allowance. That is so hard, when you need to bring all the sweaters, coats, jackets and etc..If only the limit would be 40.

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New Wishlist!

Monday, October 15, 2012

I`m finally done with my exams, so it`s time to get creative! This means that I can pay more attention to my blog, and also I`ll try to make a few things from my wishlist (since it is impossible to find some stuff in Belgrade stores). 
Last wishlist, turned out to be a huge success. I bought 7 things out of 10 (look HERE) and I`m pretty happy with the result. I`m still kinda annoyed that I couldn`t find a simple black hat, even through I looked everywhere! That`s why I`m NOT going to look for it, or put it in my new wishlist in the hope that it will show up somewhere by "accident". 

1. New Coat from H&M
2. Sweaters
3. Winter Accessories
4. Cardigans
5. Bags
7. Collars
8. Interesting black Tops
9. Statement necklaces
10. Oxblood stuff

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Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara