DIY bleached shorts

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hi girls <3 In this post I will explain in more details how I made these shorts. It took me about an half hour to rip them, and around 4 hours to bleach them, so freely count one whole day (included the washing and drying).Here are the steps: 
1.First I took my old jeans and measured the size how I want my shorts to be.
2.Make sure to cut them bellow the pockets and add an additional 2-3 cm for ripping, so it wouldn`t turn out too short.
3.When distressing your shorts make sure you know how to do it. This video helped me the most (click HERE). Make extra holes and rip them as well, if you want them on your shorts.
4. For bleaching I used only blue Domestos (click HERE) and I soaked my shorts with it and a bit of water. Leave them about 2 hours, until you like the color, and then turn them and repeat the process.
PS. Don`t forget to use latex gloves!
5.When you`re done, wash your shots well, so there`s no chemicals left. The end :)
If you like my pink extensions, you don`t need to buy expensive dyes so you could color them. Just find some food colors/aromas in your market, put it directly on the hair and wash it out until you like the shade. 
Ako vam se svidjaju moji pink pramenovi na ekstenzijama, ne treba vam skupa farba da bi ste je obojili. Nadjite aromu maline (sa slike), jednostavno objoite kosu i ispirajte je sa vodom sve dok vam se ne svidi nijansa :)

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Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara


  1. love these shorts so much, gorgeous!! xx

  2. Super je sorc ispao, a i umetci. Koliko dugo se zadrzi boja na umetcima? :)

    1. Boja se gotovo uopste ne skida, osim ako je ne isperes sa vodom. Ukoliko ne peres ekstenzije, verujem da bi mogla da ostane i do 3 nedelje, ali ako je stavljas na svoju kosu mislim da bi se sasvim isprala posle dve nedelje :)

    2. Ne nosim ekstenzije, na moju kosu bih stavljala... mada sam vec farbom ofarbala u pink :)

  3. odlicno je ispao sorc :)
    a kosaaaaaa <3 znas vec za moju ljubav prema roze/pastelnoj kosi :)

  4. oh lovely diy!
    I love your style! <3
    invite to follow me


  5. Love your shorts! How'd you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  6. Loving your look!! You are so pretty :)

    A chic kiss ;)