Old Hollywood Glamour- photoshoot

Monday, May 28, 2012

I have always wondered how would I look if I was born in 20/30s, and finally my wish came true. I tried to revive at least a bit of that life, and I must admit it was very interesting. The most famous woman such as Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, were considered as the most beautiful woman of the world, and they became role models for the future generations. The way they moved, talked, everything was so sophisticated and elegant. Inspirations from that period will never fade away, and their styles have left a mark in history of fashion.

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Chanel Tweed Blazer

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday I finally met with my girlfriends after spending two months in Holland. I took the opportunity to look little bit dolled up and to show some of the new things I bought. This blazer waited a long time to be worn again. To be more precise, my mom bought it in Italy during her modeling carrier. As I mentioned before, she kept many branded stuff in her so called "golden suitcase". Unfortunately some of the things were given away, or thrown away because of my childish behavior when I said I`m 100% sure that I won`t wear those pieces of cloths. Well, now I regret it a lot since fashion goes around as well as my taste. What do you think about this outfit? Feel free to comment :)

Causin and my best friend.

And in the end I took a photo of a boy who kept us a company in one caffe :) He`s soo cute!

Chanel tweed blazer
Zara shoes
H&M pants
Terranova shirt
H&M necklace

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Fashion Is Everywhere

Saturday, May 19, 2012

As the title says, fashion is everywhere around us, just in different forms and shapes. The following photos are simple proof that the dresses can look good even if they were made from unusual materials. 
I wish you an inspiring week :)

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Neon + Zara shoes!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday I finally returned to Belgrade after two amazing months in Holland. I had lots of fun and as you can and will see I`ve bought a lot of stuff. The following photos are all from my last day of shopping in Holland, in H&M where I bought an amazing swimsuit, necklaces and a dress, and then there`s my new Zara shoes that I just couldn't resist buying. 
Honestly, I really have no idea how will I be able to make new outfit posts on such cold and rainy weather. Until now, I expected to return to a sunny warm Belgrade but instead it ended up being cold and rainy :( Even so, I`ll do my best to make some interesting posts, and also there will be a little surprise soon for you guys :P Have a fun week! xoxo

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Dusty Rose

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

   Hello girls :) Fortunately, I had a brief moment to take the pictures between the rain showers today. I was in the city, and it was a fun and sad day at the same time, because it`s probably my last time shopping in Holland. The good news is that I bought the most perfect pair of shoes! I guess you will see them in next post.
 This outfit wasn`t planed, I just quickly put some pieces together. Dusty rose is definitely one of my favorite colors this season and I simply can`t stop wearing it. It looks beautiful, gentile and at the same time very romantic :) What do you think of this outfit? Do you like it? xoxo

Here are some photos of the same outfit, but with different accessories.

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Studs and Spikes

Sunday, May 6, 2012

There`s not much I can say about this trend that you don't already know. Spikes and studs are included in many fashion collections for the 2012 spring season, and I believe it will be an even bigger hit this summer. They can be found on shorts, jeans, jackets and many other accessories. One thing is certain, they definitely give that "edgy" look that we are always looking for.  Also they are a great source of inspiration and ideal for expressing our creativity on the boring clothing pieces that we never wear. I think it is unnecessary to buy items for hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you can simply decorate your old cloths. So go ahead, get some studs and enjoy making new clothing pieces :) xoxo

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