Doll-like makeup

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ever since the ancient times, woman wanted to have bigger seductive eyes. But now it`s somehow gaining greater proportions that some people even call it sick! In Asian countries and America, there`s a new trend inspired by the appearance of dolls. Some people are amazed by the beauty of this look, while others find it disgusting and unnatural. Personally, I think it could be pretty only in moderate doses.
Unfortunately, not everyone can take this trend. Special facial features are requered in order to create a simmilar look (big eyes, small nose, pink lips and perfect skin). That`s why we can see many fails from the girls with Europian features (photo no.4).  Which side will you take? Yay or Nay?

Beautiful Dakota Rose/Kotakoti

Anna Sui, beauty spring campaign

Europian fails :(

Japanese/Korean beauty magazines

If you are one of those with lucky features, then this photo might help :)
And now some shocking BEFORE and AFTER:

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, please note that all images and copyrights belong to their original owners.

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Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara


  1. Ive heard there's been allot of drama over this and im not sure why, I think it looks pretty although its not something I could pull off personally x x

  2. Wow! That does look so much like a doll! I love it! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)

  3. the first two pictures are beautiful <3

  4. jako zanimljivo! obožavam gledati ove prije i poslije... :)

  5. The before and after pics are amazing! Big eyes certainly are beautiful and you can use the waterline trick, but wearing circle lenses is already a step too far if you ask me!

  6. WOW the difference is crazy! Love the big eyed look but
    could never wear it myself,

    Lacey xoxo

  7. paaa iskreno, nisam sigurna sta mislim o svemu ovome... nemam bas neki doll-look pa ne bih ni da pokusavam da to napravim od sebe... ali brate, sto je lepa ova na prve dve slike... pfff...savrsenstvo... sto se tice ovih 'evropljanki' - major FAIL!

    1. Dakota je prelepa :) ali nije bila tako savrsena u svojim mladjim danima, sto samo govori koliko sminka moze da pomogne..

  8. My first thought is that it is crazy but then I thought again and think it is really cool. It is a way of expressing yourself and those girls look so amazing. Glad I don't have a daughter and that I'm past the age to worry that I can't pull this look off!

  9. I'm so used to the makeup that Japanese girls are doing these days that I can't really say nay haha. I see the how-to's in magazines all the time.

    -Samantha Mariko

  10. I think it can look very pretty, but I perfer when it is not taken to an extreme.

  11. I don't understand a NANCY or BARBI....i don't like sorry my dear, but incredible post, thanks for share.

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  12. Ne dopada mi se preterano je :) Lep blog bas si me odusevila :-) Svrati :-))

  13. ali koje su to transformacije ja ne verujem.ludilo!;)

  14. Oh my God makeup changes those Asian girls so much!
    Not a trend for me I think... too artificial...

  15. Love the makeup looks- especially Anna Sui!!!

  16. sweet ;]

  17. I think they all look pretty good! x

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  19. This is a very interesting post!
    I think it's pretty, but only in little doses.
    I think they are pushing the doll thing way too far.
    But i have to admit, their 'after'photos look better hah,

  20. C'est juste incroyable ! T'es sur que c'est bien avant et après?

    Juste Ryma

  21. Wow this is amazing! I wish I knew how to do make up like this!

  22. Great post! Love it on asian girls, although the before and afters are shocking! And what happend to the fail? Did she not have a mirror near? What a nightmare!

    Happy easter!



  23. entertaining this post! make-up really does wonders!

  24. cute!!!

  25. they are so cute!!! those eyes!

  26. Bas zanimljiv post,,, i malo strasno,kako izgledaju prije i poslje...=/

  27. he! thanks for your comment
    I love this eyes

  28. do guys really like girls with doll makeup? do they really like those fake dolls?

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  33. i love this! but lenses are the big deal in this doll make-up tutorials! lots of love

  34. I must say that they look stunning and very beautiful, but I have a question you should think of... do they look human? Do they feel like themselves after applying this huge amounts of powders in their skin and have charcoal black eyelids, stained eyelashes and I have no absolute idea what kind of sorcery this might be but, HOW do they paint the circumference of their iris black? Please, forgive my lack of knowledge at this points. I grew knowing make-up as a white powder grown and highborn women used to apply to hide their blemishes, not all these above...