Cloudy Day

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I must admit that I am officially addicted to Dutch shopping! Whenever I go to the center, I just can`t avoid numerous shops, which simply call me to get inside :) One of my favorites is definitely H&M, that is a must stop. As you can see, lately I`m making whole outfits from it, and I really need to mix it up a bit. Hopefully I`ll discover a new shop, that will "spice up" my looks. And yes, finally! I`ve found the long awaited white shirt :))
What do you think of my surroundings? I took a road where I never walked before, and found these beautiful locations. It's really impossible not to love such a naturally decorated environment. Unfortunately my journey is slowly coming to an end, and I`ll be leaving in 2 weeks. So I`ll give my best to take as much as photos as I can :) xoxo  

All H&M

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New Tops!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few days ago, I realized I have much more bottoms then tops. This may be due to my residemce in the Netherlands, where I brought only one third of my wardrobe. Unfortunately, the most famous brands in the stores downtown Rotterdam didn`t have any interesting stuff (at least not what I like), and that`s why I went to less-known brands and discovered "ONLY". You can check this store online at I was very pleasantly surprised by their new collection, so I bought 3 tops that kinda look a like :) I`m still in search for a simple (but yet different) white shirt that I just cannot find! I really don`t understand why most of them are either too simple or too detailed. Where is the middle? I hope I will resolve this problem soon, cause it's really getting annoying. xoxo

Tops: Only
Chain/clock: H&M

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One With Nature

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hi girls <3 Once again I had a very busy week. It was raining almost every single day, so it was really hard to find a suitable time to make some photos. But luckily the rain stopped at one point, and I could finally go outside. Hopefully it`s going to warm up soon so I can wear all the pretty clothes that are hanging in my closet. 
Last week I got this beautiful dress from Sugarlips at, and I couldn`t be happier! Not only is it comfortable, but it`s also very easy to combine with other accessories. It`s length and shape is very feminine, and the colors are just perfect. So make sure to check their site, cause they got some seriously amazing stuff :) Have a great weekend! xoxo

Dress: Sugarlips
Coral necklace
Shoes: Belgrade store

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The last couple of days have been completely crazy! I`m out 24/7, and when I`m not, I`m studying or doing something else. I really need a little break, just to chill and be with myself. Also a few days ago, I got my dress (gift) from the Shugarlips site! It looks absolutely gorgeous :)) You will be able to see in the next post. Till then enjoy in these photos that I find so inspirational <3 
Srecan Uskrs svim pravoslavnim vernicima! 
Izvinjavam se na zakasnjenju, ali stvarno nije bilo moguce da vam cestitam pre toga. Ljubim vas! 

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Spring Of Roses

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey :) This week rain was constantly falling, and I just couldn`t find a chance to do any of my planed outfits. The photos might be deceiving, because hail fell immediately after making them. I definitely had a lot of bad luck these past days! I got sick, my nail broke(one post less), constant rain and plus some extra problems. 
Anyway I didn`t want to leave you empty handed, so I made this set of photos :) I`m absolutely in love with this rose, the color is so beautiful and unique. It evokes some memories of the past with my dear friends. Do you like it? Have a great week-end! xoxo

Shirt: Only(new)

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Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! I wish for you all to have a wonderfull day and spend your time with family and closest relatives :) Enjoy yourselfs <3 xoxo

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