Pastel Twist

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello girls <3  Sorry for the late post, I didn't really have enough time for anything these days. I have been very occupied lately, and on top of that I`m planing a trip to Holland.
We all know spring is just around the corner, and although it is still cold I cant stop thinking about buying new skirts and dresses. That's why, inspired by that madness, I did this simple and cute manicure.
I started with 2 pretty thick coats of "Blue Golden Rose". Then using tape and Light Pink "Don Juan", I did my tips and drew Dark Purple and White line under it. Finally I added some tiny cute flower stickers on the corners of my nails, and finished the look with a top of "Don Juan". 
Have a great week :)

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara

My New Wishlist!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

This has been an aful winter, the kind that makes you think that spring will never come. It might be -10C as I'm writing this, but I feel that spring is slowly approaching. I really hope that winter will soon come to an end so I`ll finally be able to go outside and enjoy the nature. That`s why I think that now is the right time to make a proper wishlist, especially since I want to buy so many things. Normally I buy cloths instinctively, and sometimes it happens that I don't have some basic pieces that I could combine with the rest of my cloths. Therefore, I`ll try to give a smarter approach to the realization of this shopping. Wish me luck ;)
So heres my wishlist:

1.Black Hat
2. Random Tops
3. A-Line Dress
4. High Wasted Skirts
5. New Blazer
6. Dusty Rose Cloths
7. Ladylike Shoes
8. Pastel shirts
9. Floral Dresses 
10. Ripped Jeans

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara

Ocean Blue Make-up

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ever since the Egyptians, blue color was considered to be indispensable makeup detail for the eyes. It was considered as status symbol and it could give a striking power to the eyes. Beautiful azure blues were created by crushing precious Lapis and minerals. But not only Egyptians were obsessed with mystique of blue, almost every nation trough the history had been associated with this color. It was present in religion, psychology, symbols, national flags, and most of it remained until today. In mythology, sirens had greenish-blue tail and they were considered as beauties that can charm any man with their appearance.  All this adds to the seduction of blue make-up. I would certainly wear it more :) What about you?
If you want to achieve this look, start with a regular powder base (you can read more about it in preview post). Take a lighter blue eyeshadow and place it in the corner of your eyes. Afterwards use darker blue eye shadow and apply it on the center and edges of your lids. If you wish to achieve a deeper look, apply just a little of black eye shadow to the crease. For the finish touch, use the dark blue matching eyeliner and put couple coats of mascara. Good luck :)
Products that i used: Max factor color adapt foundation, Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eye shadow, Classics eyeliner (208), Maybelline volume express waterproof mascara, Elizabeth Arden powder, Golden Rose black eye shadow, Carlo & Romma blusher, Max factor erase concealer.

This would be my favorite photo, such a shame that it failed..

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara

Valentines x 3

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yes, that's right! Valentines day is coming and I`ve decided to do makeup, nail and outfit look. I hope I`ll manage to help you look as good as possible for your dear Valentine :) Unfortunately I wont be able to spend it with my boyfriend, but it doesn't matter since I`ll see him at the end of this month. We have been together for over three years now, and I couldn't be happier! He is my greatest support and the person I want to spend my life with.
Before I start talking about the appearance, I want to remind you to be yourself and the most importantly to enjoy every moment. For all the single ladies I wish you to find a man that you deserve :)
Now, here`s HOW TO:
OUTFIT: First I thought of dressing something more provocative, but then I realized that you can`t have a good time if you do not feel comfortable. You must find the right balance between cute and sexy. I`m sure you wouldn't want your boyfriend to think how you overdid it. Since it supposed to be a romantic day, I chose the powder color for my jumper. Almost all the pieces were bought from different boutiques apart from a vest that was made by my grandma. 

MAKEUP: One word - look NATURAL. Many girls will probably use a strong makeup for this day, but the truth is that guys prefer the natural beauties. What I mean by the natural is having a makeup that shows off your best qualities and it appears like you barely have any. The key lays in the fresh skin. Several days before, take some time to rejuvenate the skin. Use fruit masks, drink plenty of water and give yourself extra time to sleep. When you finish with all of that, use the liquid powder and concealer to cover the imperfections. After that put the white eye shadow on your whole lids and add just a little of dark brown shadow on your crease. Take the black eyeliner and make a thin line ONLY on to the upper eyelid. For the waterline use the white eyeliner and finish the look with multiple coats of mascara on the upper and bottom lashes. For the final touch, use the baby pink blush and put a shimmery nude lip-gloss.
Products That I Used: Garnier roll-on concealer, Maybeline volume express mascara, Maybeline line express eyeliner, Mafactor lasting performance, Golden rose eye shadow, Labello  lip gloss,  Device accent white eye liner, Pink brush Don Juan.

NAILS: This style is very easy to make. Put two layers of pink color and wait for it to partly dry. When its around 80-90% dry, take a toothpick or the nail tool (if you own) and dip in white nail polish. Slowly make dots and watch out where you place them. You don`t want to have the lines of dots, don't you? Make sure to have different sizes if you want it to look good. 
Products that I used: J`adore nail polishes (pink and white). I`m not sure if you have it in your own countries, but to me they top all the branded nail polishes. 

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara

Newspapers Please!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hi my lovelies <3 Yesterday, one girl (from the blog that I follow) asked us how do we intend to make a new photos on such a cold weather, when we can`t even hold the camera properly? Well, this is my answer- be creative. There are so many ideas that just can`t wait to be realized behind the four walls. Check out the magazines, fashion calendars and etc., you will notice that high percent of the photos were taken in studio or other indoor locations. Perhaps the new era binged us the lack of creativity, but I`m not going to fall on that. In fact, each time I`ll try to be better and more inspirational. 
As you have probably noticed, my goal is to achieve the level of high fashion blogs that I admire. However I`m still far from it, but what`s important I`m making the small steps. If you are interested who are these girls, then check them out at I`m fancy , Late Afternoon, Superficial Girls, The Blonde Salad, The cherry blossom girl. I highly recommend you to follow them since they are so brilliant. 
Now, here`s my question! Which blogs are your favorite and why? 

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara