Pretty pink

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello my lovelies :) Yesterday i had a very fun photo shoot and i am very pleased with the result. However im pretty upset because im not having enough time for my blog. Somehow theres always something more important that i have to do, attend.. But it doesn`t matter, it is important that i went in shopping and for it i`ll always find an extra few minutes ;) This white coat i bought last year and i never wore it, who knows why. Like most of the girls i have a huge wardrobe filled with stuff that never got to see the daylight. I hope blog will make me experiment a bit more so i would create even better photography and perfection still needs to come.
As i had mentioned it before, my clothing is very diverse. Since i live in center near the Boulevard street that is filled with beautiful boutiques, most of my clothes is from there. It is simply impossible to resist not to buy billion of cute unique things. Therefore i still don`t know if i should mention where i bought stuff like most of the girls do. What do you think? Also i don`t see a clear reason why most bloggers indicates it and the only logic that comes up to my mind is to show other girls where they can buy certain clothes in the city. But then again why advertising your own stuff and other people`s brands? Anyway im still thinking about it and maby i will start presenting/advertising clothes from boutiques im negotiating with these days.
One more thing :) Last week i got featured on the website of Serbia`s ambassador to the world  which is representing my country in the best way. Make sure to check this site because it is one of the rare once that is describing my land as it is. I really love my country and i think it is one of the most beautiful in the world but perhaps with the ugliest politics. If we would have honest, educated and generous people in our government im sure we would get very far. For all those who doubt their visit to Serbia, im assuring you wont regret it more soever you will be pleasantly surprised.  You`ll notice people with great hearts who are willing to help despite all their worries, landscapes that exudes with freshness and peace and the beautiful metropolis Belgrade with unique set of different cultures. If you are interested in fashion, you would probably be glad to hear the fact that Belgrade is slowly getting incorporated into the top European fashion industry. Many famous models have came from this region and freedom in dress code can be seen on the streets of the city. But more about it in another post ;) too much inspiration for one night Xoxo

Plus lil fun xD

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara


  1. Pink is always so lovely, isn't it!!! Super fab!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  2. you are just too gorgeous girl! love that little pink dress, pretty!
    xo TJ

  3. Love it. Please take some time to check out my blog.

  4. Wow, you are so beautiful, I just love the combination of cream and pink!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  5. You look amazing, sweetie!!! Gorgeous photos!<3

  6. looks like you had so much fun taking these, loving all of the pink!
    xo Cara

  7. wow , it looks so good on you!
    love pink!

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  8. slatka haljinica dobro ti stoji :)

  9. Charming and cute!!! :) Svidja mi se duboka suknja :)

  10. WOW you look stunning! That dress was made for you! I love your blog girl it's super cute. Now following. Check mine out! I own a boutique and post some really awesome outfits!



  11. I really like these pictures, you look great! You are very beautiful.

  12. Predivna roze haljinica! You're stunning:D