When Reality Hits

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Well, this is my first post after a while. I'm so sorry for that but i must admit i didn't have a choice. Like i said i was in Holland for one month and it just passed way to fast. Unluckily i bought a new camera only three days before i left so i didn't have much time for making pictures. Good news are that i`ll blog much more often now and I'm currently working on the new page design. It will be sexy, fashionable and cute :) My concept will stay the same (life/style/fashion), just the name of the blog will be changed. Also ill give more professional approach to the photography & writing. 
In Rotterdam everything flows slow and quietly unlike in Belgrade where urban way of life is everyones daylight. And yes i like that but only when i want to get away from the everyday stress. It seems that different mentality isn't allowing me to live a quite, peaceful life in the land of lovely tulips ;) Though ill have to figure out how to change that in sake of my future studying plans. I'm considering of getting a master degree on their university which means moving out from my country. If `s possible to do so then you`ll get a blogger girl from Holland in next few years :P Oh and one more thing! I missed Serbian food sooo much! They don't have the normal bakeries as we do which turned to be very hard for me. My typical morning begins with croissant, pancerota or something else with a tea or juice and there i just couldn't find anything similar :( poor me..Anyway that's about it for now and here are some test camera photos of my new Nikon 3100. 
In next post ill show you more pictures from Holland :) Dank je wel ^^

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara


  1. nova igrackica a? super super :) lepe su slike

  2. Daa i veoma zanimljiva ;) hvala

  3. I use the Nikon 3100 as well!'s an amazing camera! You look beautiful! cute dress :)

    xx Ally

  4. Pratim te i samo da ti kazem kika ti je fenomenalna :)

  5. love your dress, it's so pretty!

  6. Gorgeous, pretty lady!

    xo Ashleigh

  7. Gorgeous outfit. Your curtains are so grand too!
    Just spent some time looking all over your blog. I love the variety. It's all high quality too.

    I have recently finished my degree. I majored in economics & finance.

    I've just made an outfit and have done a post about it. I'd love to know what you think.

    Want to follow each other?

    Xox Soph.

  8. nice blog!

    Visit my blog if you like!

  9. the dress fits you perfectly!

    new outfit post - classy meets rock

  10. Haljinica je savrsena! Divne slike..Pratim! :))

  11. You look beautiful.. love your dress ;)

    Glad to see you back to blogging again!

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