What style of bedroom is best for you?

Monday, October 17, 2011

We all know how much time we spend in our rooms, but are they adapted to our personalities? At the end of the day, we like to escape from the world (including the rest of the family;) to relax and recharge for the new challenges, and it sounds like bedrooms are our first choice. It is important to get a rest area with a good degree of darkness to promote sleep without removing the possibility of engaging in activities requiring greater clarity. In these cold/rainy days it is ideal to use the time to redecorate your bedroom in style that perfectly fits your personality. Think and define what is your favorite style, so chose correctly the pieces of furniture and accessories to print character to the decor of your bedroom. 


Do you daydream too often or have many creative ideas that some people might not understand? If you do, then its certain that you are an artistic soul and this type of room should fit you the best. Although it asks for  more colors (much as possible) it also encourages your creativity to the max. For a rustic feel use natural fabrics. Chose the fabrics in soft tones, plain, striped or with flowers and small paintings. Decorate your bed with different pillows, thick quilts or blankets. You can also retrieve a piece of antique furniture, like a classic closet and give a different touch with bold colors and decorative finishes.

For an updated classic bedroom you should use neutral colors with some darker tone such as black or dark brown. The best way to achieve this is to paint the walls in warm shade and combine them with the dark wood furniture.  Dress the bed with fabrics in rich textures, play with overlapping parts of different neutral colors. To make the most of your getaway space, put in carpet that feels good on your feet, splurge on luxurious high thread count sheets, and invest in window treatments that will allow you to block out the light and noise of the world outside your window. When it comes to color, choose restful browns or golds for a peaceful feel. If space allows, add a comfy chair where you can sit to flip through the mail or read a good book.


In this case if you want to achieve the look you must chose between 2 possibilities: painting your walls in purple or using the purple colour for decorative accessories. They can be sheets, pillows, wardrobes and etc. It is important to know that purple goes the best with white and gray colour so make sure you combine them together. Also some metallic lamps or crystal decorations can help your room look complete.


The Victorian style master bedroom has an antique, typically feminine feel. Because the Victorian era lasted from the 1830s until about 1900, the style has wide variations. Nothing says timeless elegance quite like a room that mirrors Victorian style and charm. There are few tricks for achieving this look: unique old furniture, crystal chandeliers, draperies, big mirrors and any princess looking accessories. Make sure to use golden amber color palette.  

You are girly and a child who just refuse to grow up :) Pink color is timeless theme for girls bedrooms. For many people it is a symbol of tenderness and youth. This color is associated with fairy-tale princess or Barbie and almost every girl dreams about a charming pink bedroom. My advice is to combine pink and white tones for a soft look and for more dramatic - pink ,yellow or black. If you are too girly then make sure you have bunch of teddy bears and other stuffed animals. 

The white stands for purity, breadth and clarity. Maximize the use of a bedroom can give a fresh air environment. Remember that this is not to make this room of the house into a hospital room, you can and should make the light touches of color, but always respecting the environment clearly. 

Thanx for reading <3 Luv Lara


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  2. Ok, I'm the inspirational room kind of girl for sure! I love floral patterns. My room is kind of alike to those pictures.



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  6. aww, these bedrooms are so sweet! I'd chose the last one of luxurious style with a huge closet:)

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  11. The last one? I dunno. I'm a pretty utilitarian person. I'm not much into flourish in terms of rooms, though at least they should receive light well. So if it's beds, I'd just want them soft and comfy enough to lay on, and only sturdy enough to stand all wears and tears for the longest time. Yeah, that would be it for me.