Do it yourself

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In this blog i wanted to show you that it is possible to get a good/cute picture by yourself. We usually need to beg our friends or family for a help but if you wish face close up then you don't need anyone :) All you need to do is get a cam and do the things by the following instructions:

1. Capturing the moment
Posing is the first step. Main problem that may occur is usually associated with making a weird face which destroys the image. Although we think it looks natural it clearly doesn't because we are used to make unnatural face every time we take a photo. As a result, many people wonder how it is possible that they never turn out good in the picture- the truth is that in fact we do not know how to relax for the sake of photography. Finding a balance is the most difficult step because if you get too relaxed image will not be the best. No wonder why the models are paid so high, cause modeling is an art, starting from the body posing to the most difficult face posing. For beginners it is enough to think about something that makes you happy, with a dose of moderation and there you go :D naturally cute face 

Can you see how i played with my feelings? In the first picture I thought of something sad with mild sense of joy, on the other i posed + kept it safe and on the third one i played with hair while thinking of the sweet things.

2. Hide the camera 
Many people do not want to be noticed that they have created a picture by themselves (I see no reason for it, but ok). It is therefore important to hide the camera and to make the image look like cam wasn't held. Of course for every picture it would be noticed but there is a possibility to cover it up. The solution is to reduce/crop the image so we shall select only part of the picture where it appears that we were photographed by someone else. In case that one hand appears larger (which usually happens when we hold the camera) and it can not be cropped, the solution could be placing a few things (butterflies, names, flowers, lyrics) on the problematic area.

Some pictures are taken by a cam and some by a phone so sowie for the blurry images  >.< 

3. Don't hide the camera 
If you don't care bout hiding the camera then relax yourself and let the camera be visible in photography.

plus lovely necklace :P

4. Enjoy ;)

Thanx for reading <3 luv Lara


  1. Nice pics! You're pretty!=)

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    love your hair!

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