3 in 1; CuTe oR SeXy?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello, I'm back after a LONG vacation and its been to SHORT for me ;) as usual the summer passed to fast.. I had lots of fun but somehow it wasn't enough. Its like i wasted it on nothing even trough i have been on the sea in Turkey. Most of the time i plan the whole trip where we should go, in what hotel and etc. but this time i must admit i did a horrible job! Name of the place is Kusadasi and its certainly a good place to be but for me something was missing, i cant explain it with words but something was definitely off =/ Who knows maby I'm looking for a quieter place without wasted people that i was seeing every single day. First time in my life i felt ashamed to be put in same category as other Serbian girls, they dressed horribly cheap and acted even cheaper. I know so many good girls from my country but those who were at that place were just :S Unfortunately its not just Serbia, the whole world is going crazy. Its like we`re going one step forward and two steps back as a civilisation. But well that's not my problem :P I'm living my life as i want to live and i know that one day ill have f**ked up problems with the socialisation of my future kids xD may god help me xD

OK! again i said billion unnecessary things which don't have anything to do with my blog..:D To get on the point! 
There are many sides of girls; we can be cute, sexy or we can be none :S Between the two, i`d prefer to be looked at as cute/adorable most of the time with maby a few hot/sexy remarks. Although many of us have both sides I'm not quite sure if i can represent myself in both ways. This will be my very first try to look sexy and cute at the same time and you`ll be the judge if i made it or not :PP I used simple black background ( amazing how pictures looks more professional by using black or white paper ) and i hope you`ll like it :P

Sexy, seductive and more mature

Plus my nails :p

Cute, lolita, inoccent

Teddy bear and my favorite bracelet :D

Would u rather be hot/sexy or cute/adorable?

Thanx for reading <3 chuu


  1. vrh ogrlica na prvoj skupini slika! ja biram uvek cute!

  2. Slatka je narukvica sa poslednje slike:)

  3. Prelepa je narukvica:=)))

    Hvala na divnom komentaru, pratim te:)

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  5. Predivne fotografije i kosa ti je super! :)

  6. You look so pretty!
    I love your nails :)

  7. love the nails!

  8. Cute and Adorable ALWAYS!
    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

  9. i would be Hot or sexy hahaha:D
    love the look babe

    New outfit post - Lets sheer it

  10. I think I am more cute than sexy, but sometimes I can be sexy, it depends on the clothes I wear, fashion is great also cause it gives you the chance to change yourself a bit ! You're beautiful anyway in both ways :)
    If you wanna follow my blog, I'd love to follow back, just let me know !

    Fashion and Cookies

  11. love the nails, and great necklace!

    hoping you follow