Lets have fun! 30 questions for me :D

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FUN, fun and fun! I took random questions from the Internet and answered on them :)) If you would like to join the game then give your answers in your next post! :D If you still have some questions for me feel free to ask in a comments.

1. If you had a million dollars, what is the most useless thing you would buy?
L: Tons and tons of cloths that i would never wear :)

2. Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime?
L: Nope, i`m a good girl :P

3. What superpower would you like to have? 
L: Isnt it obvious? Power to have any power i want :P

4. Do you have many friends?
L: No. Long time ago i learnt the difference between quantity and quality. I have few close friends that I would never replace for anything.

5. If you could cook for me what would it be?
L: Hmm i know many of you will be surprised but I'm actually a very good cook. I probably would have made a roast turkey from the oven with a potatoes and salad or bolognese/carbonara spaghetti ;)

6. What is one thing you could tell us about yourself that others would be shocked to know?
L: Sometimes i make lamest jokes in the world and I'm kinda a big geek xD (about school/movies and games)

7.What did you dream you'd be when you were growing up?
L: To become a princess! haha i actually still wish that  xD but not so as I will marry the prince, but in some other creative way. For example, to discover that I`m actually a long lost princess that was put for adoption  xD how cute

8. If you instantly turned into a man for a day, how would you spend that day?
L: Omg! I would be the worst jerk i could be xD

9. How often are you late?
L: Whoever knows me, knows that i`m absolutely always late. Reason? I don't have a clue! Guess its just a bad habit :P

10. What is the natural colour of your hair? 
L: When i was little i had blond/golden hair and latter on just brown.

11. If you could take a year off an go travelling, where would it be?
L: China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Argentina, Monaco, Madagascar..and more if i would have a time..

12. If you could travel back in time and meet yourself as a 10 year old kid what advice would you want to give him/her?
L: Don`t ever give up on your dreams and don`t take some things too personal.

13. Which sports do you play or watch?
L: I have played a volleyball for 3 years but i like to watch ice skating and tennis (if i have enough nerves for it) . Nole mi te volimo :DD

14. Are you a morning person or a night person?
L: I would say a night person cause i rarely see a morning (except when i must and that's what i hate the most).  Plus all my inspiration comes at night :p viva la vida

15. What was your favorite TV show when growing up?
L: Charmed! I had all their posters on my wall and i was Phoebe :D

16. What is the worst advice you’ve ever received?
L: Money is everything in life

17. Name one person you’d like to transport to the desert. 
L: Andrija! Guy who was bulling me when i was little. I would do much worst thing now xD

18. What's the most childish thing about you?
L: Half of my personality is childish :D

19.Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
L: hahaha ANIKIN lollll xD Im such a geek

20. Do you believe in the afterlife?
L: Yes i do. Hopefully ill see you all in haven :P hahah jk jk hope so! :O

21. What is the one thing that you would want your children to learn about life?
L: To be independent, brave and not to fall in trap called bad group of friends.

22. Do you believe in soul mates?
L: Yep and I believe i`ve found mine.

23.Which is your colour that best describes you or stands for your personality?
L: Pink!

24.What is the one thing that you have done in your life that you would want to undo?
L: Its actually the one thing i haven't done which is saving my dog from dying. If i went to walk her  instead of dad she wouldn't have been crossed over by a car..

25. What would you like to change about the world?
L: The way people think. If all the people would good and kind + if they could think rationally without being selfish, the world would be much better place to live in.

26. Describe yourself in a single sentence?
L: Caring, lovely, funny,  nice, honest, creative, hard working, lovable and etc xD

27. Do you have a role model - someone you want to emulate? Whom do you admire the most?
L: My role models are all the womens who have succeed in their carriers, love and family. I wish to become one of them ^^

28. If you won a million dollars in a lottery, what would you do with it?
L: Buy a new apartment, cute (medium sized) house on the most beautiful beach and the rest invest in something.

29. If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why? 
L: I would spend it in nature( probably on the beach) listening the music and enjoying in company of my dearest people.

30. How did you like the questions? 
L: Fun but exhausting! xD

Thanx for reading <3 luv Lara 

Do it yourself

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In this blog i wanted to show you that it is possible to get a good/cute picture by yourself. We usually need to beg our friends or family for a help but if you wish face close up then you don't need anyone :) All you need to do is get a cam and do the things by the following instructions:

1. Capturing the moment
Posing is the first step. Main problem that may occur is usually associated with making a weird face which destroys the image. Although we think it looks natural it clearly doesn't because we are used to make unnatural face every time we take a photo. As a result, many people wonder how it is possible that they never turn out good in the picture- the truth is that in fact we do not know how to relax for the sake of photography. Finding a balance is the most difficult step because if you get too relaxed image will not be the best. No wonder why the models are paid so high, cause modeling is an art, starting from the body posing to the most difficult face posing. For beginners it is enough to think about something that makes you happy, with a dose of moderation and there you go :D naturally cute face 

Can you see how i played with my feelings? In the first picture I thought of something sad with mild sense of joy, on the other i posed + kept it safe and on the third one i played with hair while thinking of the sweet things.

2. Hide the camera 
Many people do not want to be noticed that they have created a picture by themselves (I see no reason for it, but ok). It is therefore important to hide the camera and to make the image look like cam wasn't held. Of course for every picture it would be noticed but there is a possibility to cover it up. The solution is to reduce/crop the image so we shall select only part of the picture where it appears that we were photographed by someone else. In case that one hand appears larger (which usually happens when we hold the camera) and it can not be cropped, the solution could be placing a few things (butterflies, names, flowers, lyrics) on the problematic area.

Some pictures are taken by a cam and some by a phone so sowie for the blurry images  >.< 

3. Don't hide the camera 
If you don't care bout hiding the camera then relax yourself and let the camera be visible in photography.

plus lovely necklace :P

4. Enjoy ;)

Thanx for reading <3 luv Lara

3 in 1; SeA TiMe ! ~

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well yesterday i uploaded some pictures from Turkey and although i didn't have such a great time as i usually have i still had some shiny moments :) Wherever you are it is your friends who make your world so don't mind the bad stuff <3

Here are some pictures of my vacation :D

Sea looked so pretty when we came, but few days latter it was brown as mud :(

One girl made a blog how do we look without a makeup and she asked us to post some pics, so here it is! :O Me without make up :P  Hopefully i don't look too different xD I hate when girls put kilo makeup on the beach! Who does that common?! Nothing is worst then being a makeup addict..

Diamond beach :D i totally died from swimming 

Long beach with great sand and muddy sea..

Oh oh! This is the cutest kitten ever existed! Sooo cuuute >.<  She even wanted to scratch me/bite me xD ncncnc evil kitty

Yummy food :D If you ever go to Kusadasi make sure u eat half-bread chicken dooner 

And finally one of the main streets with variety of shops :D Watch out, you could easily get lost inside :P

How was your summer vacation?
Thanx for reading <3 see ya soon


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


3 in 1; CuTe oR SeXy?

Hello, I'm back after a LONG vacation and its been to SHORT for me ;) as usual the summer passed to fast.. I had lots of fun but somehow it wasn't enough. Its like i wasted it on nothing even trough i have been on the sea in Turkey. Most of the time i plan the whole trip where we should go, in what hotel and etc. but this time i must admit i did a horrible job! Name of the place is Kusadasi and its certainly a good place to be but for me something was missing, i cant explain it with words but something was definitely off =/ Who knows maby I'm looking for a quieter place without wasted people that i was seeing every single day. First time in my life i felt ashamed to be put in same category as other Serbian girls, they dressed horribly cheap and acted even cheaper. I know so many good girls from my country but those who were at that place were just :S Unfortunately its not just Serbia, the whole world is going crazy. Its like we`re going one step forward and two steps back as a civilisation. But well that's not my problem :P I'm living my life as i want to live and i know that one day ill have f**ked up problems with the socialisation of my future kids xD may god help me xD

OK! again i said billion unnecessary things which don't have anything to do with my blog..:D To get on the point! 
There are many sides of girls; we can be cute, sexy or we can be none :S Between the two, i`d prefer to be looked at as cute/adorable most of the time with maby a few hot/sexy remarks. Although many of us have both sides I'm not quite sure if i can represent myself in both ways. This will be my very first try to look sexy and cute at the same time and you`ll be the judge if i made it or not :PP I used simple black background ( amazing how pictures looks more professional by using black or white paper ) and i hope you`ll like it :P

Sexy, seductive and more mature

Plus my nails :p

Cute, lolita, inoccent

Teddy bear and my favorite bracelet :D

Would u rather be hot/sexy or cute/adorable?

Thanx for reading <3 chuu