Going back to childhood/ COSPLAY PARTY :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hii again its been quite awhile since i blogged last time and I'm veryyy sorry for that. As i said before i have been very busy with my exams but they will be over very soon :) 
In this blog you`ll see how does Serbian cosplay looks like. For those who doesn't know what cosplay is here`s a little/short explanation:  Cosplay is short for "costume play" which is inspired by manga ,anime, tokusatsu and video games. Its Japanese subculture but lately its becoming more and more popular all around the world, especially in USA and Canada. Of course most of the people dress up as anime characters and it can get very interesting how they are imitating some of them even by their movements. In Serbia it occurs once or twice per year but the main one is the one on Jainism festival (30 June-3rd July). Like you will see i had an amazing time and I'm more encouraged to go on different kind of events from now on :)) I must admit it somehow took me back in childhood when i was going on maskenballs. The feeling of wanting to make a costume best as possible so it would match my imagination is just so fun and indescribable :D It inspired my creativity and showed me that i got some new interests for what i never thought about like sewing ! I never even imagined i could make such a dress with my own hands and whats important as i wanted it to look like! So yes from now on ill give my best to make more stuff on my own :)) it makes me excited already xD haha 
Ok ok! Enough of talking! I don't want to bore you all , so here are my pictures :PP

I cosplayed hime-sama which means some kind of princess xD it is original character made by my imagination and i was inspired by sweet Lolita look (if you don't know what it is go look on google, to lazy to explain xD) 

Unfortunately this is my only picture from camera.. Rule no one before you go to any event- CHECK your batteries! So yeh you will see some blurry pictures, cant help it :( ps. hope you like the dress and whole look :)))
I tried to copy some of Japanese poses xD lol 

Friend and me :) She was competing ! :O 
same pose xD so unoriginal 

Here's a star of the night- my BRO! xD He cosplayed Kakashi-sempai :P I think he was pictured like billion times, poor him xD 

My cousin with crazy blue wig which looks absolutely amazing on her! :O

And now here are some zooms of my dress that i made :))

Thank you all for reading :) Feel free to comment <3