Power of transformation

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hellow this is my second blog today :P busy huh? :) 
ill tell you a little story about me and ill post few pictures..:))

Several weeks earlier i was thinking about the power of transformation as the most important thing in modeling. My mother was a model and people used to tell her how she looks like completely different person with other kind of makeup. That's why i started thinking do i have the same ability as she had or not. Many of you will be surprised to hear that i was a model or that i tried to be. When i was 16 i got into Elite Model look agency but when i supposed to be signed in, my mother didn't let me. She didn't want me to go trough the same things as she did, so yes i kept studding and now I'm student of economy :) I believe i took a better path but occasionally i still have it somewhere in my head the thought of me being a model.. If that would be my career i guess i would only get crossed over by thousands of pretty tall models (I'm only 172 since 16 funny). Sometimes i think I'm maby not so late (I'm 21 now) i even have some crazy thougths of  trying to get into some agency or maby even in the show First Serbian top model (which is like Americas top model) xD I know don't laugh! xD But if i would try that then it would mean sacrificing other side of my life-economy student life. Dilemma is still there but if i would have to chose between these two, i would always chose knowledge. Beauty comes and goes away fast. Even tho I'm a student and  I'm dedicated to become a capable business woman i still wont give up from my dream.  Every one of us are being models by taking pictures of ourselves and therefore we are all armature models. Why wouldn't we experiment with all the excitements and different styles filled with a joy? That's why i wont care if people would call me a narcisoid person only cause I'm enjoying taking pictures of myself and my friends. 
Here are few pictures of me where i tried to look different :))

 In these pictures you probably cant notice how extreme my makeup was. Maby on the next picture you`ll be able to see. I usually never experiment that much so this is kinda my very first unwearable makeup xD 

See? Somehow i like this picture and i find myself looking transformed :) Some friends told me i look like someone else xD

On this picture I believe i look closest to a model. First i don't look like myself, second i never posed like that and third theres something fascinating about this picture. Funny thing is that i didnt find myself beautiful at all here xD but i find it interesting how different i look.

You want to know how i did this? Its just a simple bow sticker on orange nail polish xD 

And now at the very end ill just show you few pictures from my cam xD Hope you`ll like it

Thanks for reading :)) 


  1. great nails! Love your blog! Hey would you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor!
    thanks so much!

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  3. love it:)just ceep it up:))and i bet you'll just get better;):***

  4. Thank you >.< im sure i will <3

  5. you look stunning in these photos! great post!

  6. Gorgeous pics! You are so pretty,dear! Love your make up! Thanx so much for your comment and following! Great blog, definitely follow you too:)

  7. Thank you Eva, same goes for you :) <3