My top 10 beauty products

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hi again! I finally got some time for myself so you will see many more blogs these days :) I just finished Junes exams successfully but in 2 weeks ill have new once. I will have to study a lot more but before that i need to make a mini break for myself :)
In this blog ill talk about my favorite beauty products that i use.
Here`s my top 10! 

10. TAFT power hairspray
This hairspray is simply phenomenal! I have tried many hairsprays in my life but this one definitely pointed out. It`s very easy to apply and it won`t make your hair hard and sticky.
Also you will be able to brush your hair without any problems while it will keep it still and smooth for the rest of the day.

9. Solea soft creme
Its light, its good during summer and perfect for persons with oily skin. What more to say ?! I just love it :) 

8. Gliss kur- spray for hair
I'm loving this spray conditioner to bits. Hair feels silky soft, and it smells good too! I bought it year or 2 ago only cause of the package and I'm so glad i picked it up its great product (especially for girls with blond hair). I also use this spray before using my hot curling iron and hair still remains its volume. 

7. PANTENE pro-v (shampoo)
Whenever i want to experiment with new shampoos i realise how good pantene pro-v is. I highly recommend it for every type of hair cause its simply universal. 

6.VEET-hair removal cream
This product is good for sensitive areas such as hands or for unwanted moustaches. I know many girls dont want to risk cause they are afraid of iritations but this cream dont even cause redness (at least not with me) and yet my skin gets smooth as silk. If you aren`t willing to risk then use it for normal use.

5. GARNIER NATURALS- intense nutrisse mask
If your hair skews to frizz or has any damage then this conditioner/mask is perfect for you. I have blond hair so good conditioner is very important for me. After using this conditioner my hair feels soft and hydrated. I highly recomend it for everyone who has dry or damiged hair from many colourings.

4. RIMMEL-renew & lift and MAX FACTOR ERACE (concealers)
 I know there are 2 products on the same place but these 2 concealers deserve to be on top of the list. Now many of you will question why is this my first makeup on my whole beauty list? Well the reason is simple. Im still experementing with my makeup products and i cant guarantee for any of them except these. I have been using Max Factor erace for 2 years (when i had more oily skin) but since i passed teen period my skin complection completely changed into dryer type. Thats why i started using Rimmel renew & lift concealer wich works perfectly fine :) 

3. NIVEA angel star (shower cream)  
I loooooove this stuff! I`ve never payed so much attention to shower creams till now. I bought Nivea angel star recently and again only cause of the package (i know i do that to often xD). Fortunately it turned out to be a good  product and not only that but AMAIZING one! It smells good, it looks good and it feels great! Just buy it once and you will know what im talking about! xD

2. NIVEA invisible- black & white (stick)
The NIVEA invisible for black and white anit-antiperspirant with 24h anti- antiperspirant protection minimizes white marks on dark fabrics and also protects against yellow staining on white clothes. Its brand new product on the market and yet so good! Try it and you`ll see..

And my number one goes to :OO

1. MAYBELLINE VOLUME EXPRESS mascara (waterproof 280)

Maybelline Mascara is among the best selling and most popular brands on the market. Maybelline has four of the top ten best selling mascaras (no wonder why :). I`ve tried different types of mascaras, some name brand, some not, and Maybelline volume express mascara (watherproof) is the only one ill allways buy! Im using it for 5 years now and im still happy as i was the first day i bought it. Its definitley the best beauty product ever! Give it a try if you want high volume lashes and watherproof mascara :))

What are your best beauty products? 
Thanx for reading :) With love Lara <3


  1. max factor erace zakon :)
    sto ne uradis neki make-up tutorial?
    ti si expert na tom polju :)

  2. Da fenomenalan je :)I ne znam nisam bas toliki expert..Mozda ako budem isla na cosplay(maskenbal inspirisan sa anime i manga likovima xD)onda bih uradila neki specifican cute makeup look. Milena ce mozda ici sa nama pa ako hoces i ti opusteno,idemo malo da se zezamo xD pozzz

  3. :) i love too this TAFT power hairspray!!! its great :)