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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am continually passionate about photography. I love the power of freezing time & the beauty of capturing moments. I cannot see myself losing interest or tiring of the emotion & excitement that catching a good image brings to me.

I've dealt with my ghosts
and I've faced all my demons
For once I'm at peace with myself

In world of fakes dare to be real! Why are there so many people who want to live other lifes? Answer doesnt exist.. There are so many of them around nowadays that you just dont know who to trust. We all are who we are and thats best thing about us! Take control of yourself and face the life, you`ll see how fast you`ll feel better in your skin. 

Again my best friend Sandra. Shes gorgeous isnt she? :) luv her <3


I love the feeling in this photo. This was actually somewhat of an outtake, but the spontaneous ones are always the best in my eyes.

True friendships are most important in our lifes. Whenever you feel down you got one to cheer you up and make you move forwards. They are most precious things you could have and whats funny its not material. Take good care of them and they cherish you back as tresure.


 One way or the other? Wich one would you pick? Trough how many passages we must pass to find the right way? Maby one, maby milion, maby none or the lifetime..Sky is smiling upon us whispering signes we must listen.


Thanx for reading this blog. If you would like to know something more freely ask :)) I hope you liked it and that it was worth reading. Share your comments and toughts right below :D 

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