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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hi again! In this blog ill talk about drawing :) Im amature but even so i enjoy drawing many kinds of things. Lately i find inspiration in anime 

Well well well.
I came across a cute picture of an Anime Girl from a forum site and felt like drawing her :)
Its something which I'm trying to practice more. 

Those 2 pictures above are my first anime creations in photoshop. Well i'm still new in making anime in PS so it's not as good as the others. I need to practice more. I was inspired when i saw the fanarts in DA so i read a few tutorials on how to make one and then tried it. 

          Sasuke in PS xD luv him btw <3 hottest anime character eva ^^ 

    a lil drawing i did at school :P totaly random 

         this is something old school.. its not that good as i wanted it to be but i guess its ok to show :) 

                     cute mexican girl drawing. It was done super fast, it took me maximum 20 mins 

  Plant of greed 

           and finaly one of my fav drawings - sword of the underworld   

Thanx for paying atention, hope u enjoyed xXx see ya in next blog <3  

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